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The Dividing Line Between Part-Time, Full-Time Students

March 15, 2021

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Today we’ll learn the difference between a full-time student and a part-time student.

Whether you are classified as a full-time student or a part-time student at Schoolcraft College comes down to how many credit hours you have.

  • Full-time: Someone enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester.
  • Part-time: Someone enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours per semester.

At Schoolcraft College, about 76% of our students are classified as part-time students, with the remaining 24% classified as full-time students.

What’s a credit hour?

A credit hour is a unit of measurement for the instruction you receive. In general, students receive one hour of credit for each hour required in class per week during a 15-week semester. Keep in mind that classes with labs, such as sciences, or other courses may require additional in-class or out-of-class hours. Check with your academic advisor for more information.

Why is my status important?

Just about all financial aid is tied to whether a student is considered full-time or part-time. So if you’re a full-time student and you’re receiving financial aid based on that, it’s important to maintain that status for the semester. Otherwise, your aid could be reduced.