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Winner of Pageturners Art Award Announced

April 26, 2021

Painting of two people looking at each other on a beachAngelito Robles is the winner of this year’s Pageturners Art Award contest.

Robles created a rendering based on a scene from Olive Kitteridge, the book for the September discussion of Pageturners, the book club of Schoolcraft College. He won the $250 prize, generously funded by the Schoolcraft College Foundation.

“Wayne and I were impressed with how well Angelito depicted a touching scene between Olive Kitteridge and Jack Kennison toward the end of the book,” said English Professor Denise Schell, who is co-coordinator of Pageturners with Wayne Pricer, Reference Librarian. “Perhaps the most notable part of the image is how Angelito captured Olive's vulnerable side; it's not something that she showed often, and it was beautifully portrayed in his submission.”

Robles is originally from the Philippines, but said Livonia has been his hometown for most of his life.

“I chose to illustrate this particular scene because I wanted to capture the main focus of the book: the characters and their relationships,” he said. “I enjoy reading the slice-of-life genre.

“I'm not normally one to submit things for contests or awards, but I wanted to give this one a shot!”

Robles is working through general courses with an eye toward transferring into a track related to environmental science and horticulture.

“I want to pursue something providing service to alleviate the local communities’ issue of food insecurity, which is why I enjoy volunteering at urban farms and Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit,” he said.