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PPL is new Name for Continuing Education Department

May 24, 2021

Personal and Professional Learning

Helping community members pursue new passions or upgrade professional skill sets through non-credit classes has long been an important component of Schoolcraft College. An even greater commitment to that mission is part of the reason why Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) is now Personal and Professional Learning (PPL).

“As we progress into the 21st century, continuing education will be critical to meeting the educational, social, health, cultural, and recreational needs of all ages and populations in our community,” said Dr. Jodie Beckley, Director, Personal and Professional Learning.

“We believe that the possibilities for the future are boundless, and Personal and Professional Learning communicates our drive to break the bonds of time and space in making education accessible to a broad audience of learners. It also reflects our renewed commitment to innovative and responsive programs, courses and events.”

This fall, Personal and Professional Learning will continue to offer a variety of classes for both virtual students as well as those who prefer to attend class on campus. For example, some yoga classes will be live-streamed as many students prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own homes. Other classes, such as Italian, will remain virtual because it has become so popular during the pandemic that not all of the students will now fit in a typical classroom.

One of the most popular programs offered through PPL is Kids on Campus. These summer camps have something for just about every child from pre-school age through high school. Camps start Monday, July 12. Go Download a PDF of this year’s catalog online

Dr. Beckley stresses the switch to PPL is much more than just a name change. 

Personal and Professional Learning will continue to enrich minds and transform lives as a key component of Schoolcraft College’s mission to support students in achieving their intellectual, social, and economic goals,” she said.

Registration for the Spring/Summer semester is currently taking place for classes starting in late May and June. Whether it’s obtaining certification as a payroll professional, trying a pastry class or learning about the Yankee Air Museum, there is a course for everyone. View the classes online.

View the PPL homepage at You can email questions to