Course Load

Choosing Your Number of Credits for Each Semester

A course load is the total number of credit hours a student is attempting in a semester or session.

  • A full-time load is at least 12 credit hours. Schoolcraft College is dedicated to students’ success. Students must obtain credit hour overload permission from an academic advisor before registering for more than 18 credit hours in the fall and winter semesters. The spring and summer semesters may also require special permissions, as well, depending on the course load.
  • The advisor will consider past academic performance as well as other factors when issuing a credit hour overload.

PLEASE NOTE: To defer student loans you must be enrolled in 6 credit hours (half-time) or more per semester. For more information please visit the U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid deferment-forbearance  eligibility page or contact your loan servicer.