Smoking, Tobacco Use and Medical Marijuana

Policy 2005 and Procedure 2005.1

Use of all tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all campus buildings, sidewalks, building entrances, common areas, and College-owned vehicles, with the exception of use in private vehicles. The College will follow federal law regarding the use of medical marijuana.

Schoolcraft College recognizes the need to address the health and safety needs of the students, staff and visitors from smoking and the use of tobacco products.

Students, employees, and visitors of Schoolcraft College are expected to observe all federal, state, and local laws, as well as College policy governing the use of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

Effective August 1, 2016, all Schoolcraft College campuses are smoke-free with the exception of use in private vehicles.

The enforcement of this policy is placed as a responsibility on all members of the College administration and Campus Police Authority. Students, employees, and visitors are expected to comply with the smoke-free environment of the College. Persons who repeatedly disregard this policy will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary actions.