Duplication Design Center Services

The Duplication Design Center (DDC) performs a multitude of print and design services and strives to serve as the College’s “one-stop shop” supporting all employees.

The associates within DDC (which includes creative design and copy technicians) are specialists for creative projects as well as daily print needs reserved for Schoolcraft College employees ONLY.

Additionally, DDC (which is an important partner of MARCOM) is the sole source of college’s digital photo assets and holds the brand guidelines. Any requested project can be assessed to maximize the value and production. 

Design & Layout

Design services begin by gathering pertinent information on your project such as your concept, vision and goal of the collateral as well as logistical information (date, time, zoom link etc.), if applicable. Once this information is established, draft due dates (if necessary) and final delivery date are confirmed.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Brochures/ Flyers
  • Program ads
  • Newsletters
  • Service marks
  • Instructional manuals, journals
  • Business cards, stationery, forms, etc.


The DDC will photocopy your college-related print-ready materials including tests/exams, handouts, memos, letters, reports, proposals, agendas, etc., along with academic and operational documents with two business days to process each request. Submit a production-ready original either via email or as a clean paper copy.

  • Black-and-white duplication is available on a variety of 20 lb. colored papers
    • Duplexing, collating, stapling, folding, and 3-hole punch available
    • Black-and-white transparencies available at no charge
  • Color copying is available with a small charge (10 cents/side)
    • Account number from the department is needed for color copying.
    • Up to 100 single side copies are free of charge

Miscellaneous Services

Note: Account number from the department is needed for the services below

  • Binding
    • Magnetic binding
    • Plastic coil
  • Padding
  • Laminating
  • Folding/cutting
  • Posters
    • Various sizes to select from
    • 3 business days to process

Services NOT within DDC’s scope of work:

  • Classroom materials. Syllabi, tests, exams, lecture notes, handouts, etc., are the responsibility of the instructors.
  • Typing from manuscript (i.e., handwritten drafts). All content to be designed must be supplied electronically in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.
There are copiers in the Forum, Liberal Arts, Applied Sciences, Biomedical Technology Center. These are low-volume machines meant to handle 20-30 copies and are not for mass production. Attempts to print large jobs can cause jams and may require outside vendor support to service the machines.

Submit a Job Ticket

Fill out the Job Ticket form and send to DDC@schoolcraft.eduPlease DO NOT send to individuals.

If you're looking to promote an event, complete a Promote Form located in the Marketing and Communications website.

To locate DDC job ticket forms:

General requests:

DDC Operations Manager:
Khaja Khan (a.k.a Khan) KKhan@schoolcraft.edu or x5314


For information regarding our Schoolcraft College branding assets and visual identity guidelines, visit our Branding website.