Michigan Colleges Online (MCO)

The Michigan Community College Association has created a virtual learning collaborative (MCO) among Michigan's community colleges. This collaborative is designed to allow students who are currently enrolled at a Michigan community college to take courses from other Michigan community college’s while still receiving support services at their degree granting college.

Check out the following options if you do not fit the description above yet want more information:

  • If you have never attended college before but wish to register for classes with the MCO, your first step is to be admitted to your local Michigan community college. This would be your degree granting college. Please review the steps at the bottom of this page to begin the enrollment process.
  • If you do not wish to enroll in the MCO, receive information on Schoolcraft College.
  • If you are a Schoolcraft College student who wishes to enroll in classes provided by other community colleges through the MCO: Please see an academic advisor at Schoolcraft College before enrolling in any MCO courses. In addition, access the MCO Web Site and contact the individual Provider College(s) for additional information about individual college enrollment and payment policies and procedures.

MCO Enrollment Steps

The following is Schoolcraft College’s procedure for enrollment and payment into MCO Classes. Registration will not be completed until all information is provided. Classes fill quickly, therefore, it is important to respond to all e-mail correspondence as soon as possible.

  • In order to register for Schoolcraft College courses through the MCO, you must be admitted to a Michigan Community College each semester. This college will be your degree granting or provider college.
  • Your Home College is the community college in your resident area. This category determines your residency rate only (you do not need to be admitted there).
  • You must also be admitted to Schoolcraft College so that we can register you for your classes. Please complete the online application for admission. You need to apply as a VLC (Virtual Learning) Student. Once your application is completed, please email us at vlc@schoolcraft.edu so that we can process your application.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Please note: You will be asked to make credit card payment arrangements at a later date.

    Once all information is received and your registration request is approved, the Registration Center will register you for the requested class(es). Once registered, you will be notified by email to make the payment with a charge card through Schoolcraft College’s website or phone. You will also receive an electronic confirmation from the MCO. If a course you have requested is filled, you will be notified by the Registration Center.

  • It may be necessary for our Counseling and Advising Department to review your enrollment request. You may receive an e-mail from Counseling that addresses prerequisites or other relevant academic advising issues. It is your responsibility to respond to all e-mail inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Payment Procedure — Schoolcraft College’s payment policy states that payment in full is necessary at the time of registration or you will be dropped from your class(es). If seeking Financial Aid, you need to contact your home college.
  • Prior to semester start, you will also be provided login instructions and information about how to purchase your books.
  • If you have problems with Blackboard, contact Blackboard Support.