Frequently Asked Questions

Email Usage Questions

Why do I want a Schoolcraft email address?

Most Schoolcraft College communications is electronic, primarily email. Providing an email address to our students means Schoolcraft can send students information without risk of it being lost due to a student change of email providers. It also means email sent by a student to Schoolcraft from their Schoolcraft Student email account will not be trapped as spam. You may use your email address for communicating with instructors, fellow students, or anyone else you would like to have contact with.

How will Schoolcraft use my student email address?

The College will only use it for official business related to you being a student at Schoolcraft.  Schoolcraft will not share your email address with third parties or non-college employees.

Can I use the other features of Google Apps?

Yes! All of the features and tools included in your Google Apps account will be available for you to use.  Those tools are subject to change without notice.

How do I get an email address and how do I know what it is?

Schoolcraft College will assign an email address to all credit students upon admission to the College. You can find out what your email address is by logging in to Ocelot Access.

How long do I get to keep my Schoolcraft student email address?

You get to keep your Schoolcraft email address for 2 years after you've stopped taking classes with us.  If after 2 years you return to Schoolcraft, we will re-establish your email account.  You must re-apply to Schoolcraft at that time to get your email account and register for classes.

Ocelot Access and Blackboard Questions

Do I have to change my email account in my Blackboard or Ocelot Access profiles to my Schoolcraft emailaddress?

No. The provided SCmail accounts will automatically be associated with both your Ocelot Access and Blackboard accounts.

I forgot my password (I changed it last week), and did not set up my Self-Service Password profile. What do I do?

Call the Answer Center at 734-462-4426. They will be able to reset your password.

Instructor and Course Questions

Will my teacher use email for all communications?

Your instructor will let you know how he/she intends to communicate with you and your classmates.

How will my teachers know what my student email address is?

Schoolcraft student email addresses will be automatically listed on their class rosters.

Is there a student email directory so I can look up my friends' email addresses?

No. To protect your privacy, Schoolcraft will not make your email address available to other students.

Technical Questions

I already have an email account that I like; can I forward my Schoolcraft student email to my other email account?

Yes! Once you've logged into your student email account, you can set your preferences, including forwarding. See the Email User Guide for instructions.

I think my account has been compromised; what should I do?

You'll need to change your password and your security questions. The first step is to make sure your new password is secure. Then choose good security questions and answers, and update your profile.

What browser do I need for my Schoolcraft email account?

The latest version of most browsers work well with your Schoolcraft email account. You should check the latest supported browsers list to make sure the browser you use is supported. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled for your browser.