Student Athlete Support System (SASS)

Schoolcraft College’s SASS mission is to advocate for you to experience academic success via Schoolcraft’s academic support services. We can refer you to tutoring, writing assistance, and academic coaching. Whatever maybe needed, SASS can provide the resources you need to achieve. Feel free to stop into the SASS office and/or set up an appointment.

Faculty report to the SASS coordinator six (6) times a semester; roughly every two (2) weeks. Student athletes are reported on four (4) items:

  • Attendance
  • Passing
  • Borderline
  • Failing

SASS reports are then shared with the athletic department, coaches, and student athletes. If a student athlete is on the SASS report, they will be notified of their status and communicate with the SASS coordinator.

Additionally, we provide CAN (Class Absence Notification) forms for student athletes to utilize when an away game or competition conflicts with a class.