Webliography Resources

A Chronicle of China Trade (1840- 1877), Digital Exhibit (Harvard)
ABYZ Newslinks Worldwide News Directory
Ancient China (from the World History Encyclopedia)
Ancient India (from the World History Encyclopedia)
Asia and the Pacific, (Brookings Institution)
Asia for Educators (from Columbia Univ)
Asia Foundation Multimedia Resources
Asia Foundation Resource Library
Asia Maps (Perry Castenada Map Collection)
Asia Society.Org
Asian Art Essays (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Asian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Asian Development Bank, Regions & Countries page
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (Library of Congress)
BBC Asia Pacific News
Carter Center, China Online Resources
Center for South Asia, Lecture Series (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Central and North Asia Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Central Asia Institute
China Country Information page, (from the U.S. State Department)
China Digital Times
China Up Close: Understanding the Chinese Economy (from the Federal Reserve of Chicago)
China.Org.Cn (Official news site)
China's Maritime Disputes, 1895- 2023 (Council on Foreign Relations)
Chinese Art History Resources on the Web
Chinese Art Timeline, (from the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Chinese Paper Gods, Chinese Art Exhibit (from Columbia University)
Chinese Song Dynasty, Resources (from Columbia Univ)
Chinese Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
CIA World Factbook
Columbia Univ. South Asia Institute
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Council on Foreign Relations, Asia
Council on Foreign Relations, China
Council on Foreign Relations, Taiwan
Country Insights (from MSU GlobalEdge)
Cultural Japan
Deloitte Global Economics Research Center
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
East Asian Collection of Historical Images
Eastern Art Online (Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic & Asian Art, Oxford)
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Engaging Digital Tibet (Columbia University, Digital Exhibit)
Flavors of Japan, Google Arts & Culture
Frontline (PBS), China's COVID Secrets
Frontline (PBS), Secret State of North Korea
Frontline (PBS), The Tank Man
Global Voices Online, Asia
History Maps Project, Learn History Visually
History of Chinese Calligraphy
Human Development Reports by Country (from the UN)
Indian History Sourcebook (from Fordham)
Indian Ocean in World History
Indus Valley Civilization
Institute for South Asia Studies (Cal- Berkley)
International History Declassified, Browse by Topic (Wilson Center)
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Japan (Council on Foreign Relations)
Japan Search
Japanese American Relocation and Internment (U.S. National Archives)
Japanese Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Japanese Illustrated Books Collection (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Japanese Tea Ceremony (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Korea Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Manas: India and It's Neighbors (from UCLA)
Mandarin Chinese, Interactive language guide (tutorial)
Maps of Asia, Perry Castenada Map Collection (Texas)
Maps of China, Perry Castenada Map Collection (Texas)
MSU GlobalEdge, China
MSU GlobalEdge, India
MSU GlobalEdge, Japan
National Library of India
National Museum of Asian Art, Collections (Smithsonian)
National Portal of India
North Korea (Council on Foreign Relations)
North Korea, Backgrounder (from the Council on Foreign Relations)
Pakistan Maps (Perry Castenada Map Collection)
PBS NewsHour, China
PBS NewsHour, Taiwan
Perry Castenada Map Collection
Pulitzer Center, Asia
Reliefweb, Countries
Reuters, Asia Pacific
Reuters, China
Silk Road (World History Encyclopedia)
Smithsonian Open Access Collection
Smithsonian, Digital Library & Archival Exhibitions on the Web
Song Dynasty China, Resources (from Columbia Univ)
South Asia Art Timeline (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
South Asia Open Archive (JSTOR)
South Asia Resource Access on the Internet (from Columbia University)
South Asian Oral History Project (Univ of Washington)
Southeast Asia Program links page (Cornell University)
Statistical Yearbooks for Asia & the Pacific (United Nations)
Story of India (PBS)
Taoism and the Arts of China (Chicago Art Institute)
Tasveer Ghar: Digital Archive of South Asian Popular Visual Culture
TED Talks, Asia
Tibet Album (Explore more than 6,000 Images of Tibet, 1920- 1950)
Tibet related coverage (from the Council on Foreign Relations)
U.S. State Department, Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs
Vietnam Center and Archive (from Texas Tech)
Visualizing China (Historical Photos of China from 1850-1950)
Web Japan
West Asia Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
World Factbook, China
World Factbook, East Asia/Southeast Asia
World Statesman (listing of officials since 1700)
WWW Virtual Library, International Affairs Resources
Yale Silk Road Image Database
Yearbook of the United Nations (1946- 2023)