Webliography Resources

Political Science
2020 Election (PBS) Frontline
2024 Vote, PBS NewsHour
51st State, a Guide to the 2008 Presidential Campaign's presence online
51st State, Election 2008 It's a Wrap
51st State, Issues for Future Presidents
51st State, Monitoring What They Say: Accountability and Tech Tools, Part 1 Mainstream Press
A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation (Library of Congress)
A New Nation Votes, American Election Returns (1787- 1826)
American Congress Digital Archives Portal
American Founders Online, Digital Historic Texts (from the Library of Congress)
American Presidency Project
American President, Online Reference Resource Center (Univ. of Virginia)
American Press Institute, Community Engagement & Trust
America's Founding Documents Collection (National Archives)
Amnesty International
Annotated Constitution (from the Cornell Law School)
Arms Control Association, Fact Sheets
Authenticated Congressional Bills (from the GPO)
Avalon Project Collection of Historical Legal & Political Documents (from Yale Univ)
Barack Obama Presidential Library
Ben Franklin, the papers of (from Yale)
Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets Information by Country (Country Info from the U.S. State Dept.)
Bills This Week (U.S. House of Representatives)
Biographies of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (brief entries)
Bloomberg, Politics and Policy
Bridge Michigan
Brookings, Browse by Topic
Budget of the United States, 2024
C- SPAN Classroom
C- SPAN Deliberations Issues page
C- SPAN The Executive Branch
C- SPAN Video Library
C- SPAN Video Library, Browse by Series
Center on Representative Government (Indiana University)
CIA Cold War, Historical Collection of Unclassified Documents
City Mayors Foundation (International Think Tank for Urban Affairs)
Civics Online
Civics Renewal Network, Resources page
CNN, Politics
Code of Federal Regulations
Cold War & Internal Security LibGuide (East Carolina Univ.)
Cold War International History Project (Woodrow Wilson Center)
Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution (eBooks), Princeton University Digital Library
Commission on Presidential Debates
Common Cause
Comparative Agendas Project
Compilation of Presidential Documents
Compiling a Federal Legislative History: a Beginner's Guide (Library of Congress)
Congress Votes Database (from GovTrack)
Congress.Gov, Legislative Process videos
Congress.Gov, U.S. Founding Documents
Congressional Bills (GovInfo.Gov)
Congressional Directory, 118th Congress
Congressional District Map
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Constitution Annotated (from Congress.Gov)
Constitution of the United States (National Archives)
Constitution Society
Constitution USA (PBS)
Constitutional History, Exploring Constitutional Law (from the UMKC Law School)
Constitutional Law: Executive Privilege, War Powers, Presidential Inherent Powers (from the National Archives)
Council on Foreign Relations (Books & Reports )
Council on Foreign Relations, by Regions
Council on Foreign Relations, Explainers
Council on Foreign Relations, Topics
Creating the United States (from the Library of Congress)
CRS Reports Search (Congressional Research Service/Library of Congress)
Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution (Elliot's Debates, Library of Congress)
Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents (Library of Congress)
Democracy's Library (Internet Archive)
Digital eBook Collection on Liberty & the American Revolution (Princeton)
DocsTeach, Explore Primary Sources (U.S. National Archives)
Election Fraud in America Database (News 21 Carnegie-Knight Foundation for Journalism Education)
Electoral College in Plain English
Essential Guide to Legislation (from Politico)
Europa Gateway to the European Union
Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning (from Stanford)
Fact Check.Org (from the Annenberg Public Policy Center)
Fair Vote.Org
Famous Trials
Federalist Papers (Library of Congress)
Find Members of Congress (from Congress.Gov)
FLARE Index to Treaties (1856- present)
Foreign Assistance.Gov
Foreign Policy Association home page
Foreign Relations of the United States
Founders Constitution (from the University of Chicago)
Frontline (PBS), U.S. Politics related programs
G20 2024 Summit
Get Out the Vote, Online Exhibit of Presidential Campaigns from 1840- 1960 (from Cornell University)
GovInfo.Gov, (U.S. Government publications)
GovInfo.Gov, Advanced Search of U.S. Government Publications
GovInfo.Gov, Browse Documents A to Z
GovInfo.Gov, Browse Documents by Category (U.S. Government publications)
GovInfo.Gov, Browse Government Documents by Author
GovInfo.Gov, Browse Publications by Committee
GovSpeak, Guide to Government Acronyms & Abbreviations
GovTrack (Tracking the Legislation of the U.S. Congress)
GovTrack, Congressional Votes Database
GovTrack, Find a Member of Congress or a Senator Search
Harvard Institute of Politics Lectures
Historic Supreme Court Decisions by Topic
History & Politics Out Loud
How Our Laws are Made (Congress.Gov)
Human Rights Watch
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Interactive U.S. Constitution (from the U.S. Constitution Center)
International History Declassified, (Wilson Center Digital Archive)
International History Declassified, Browse by Topic (Wilson Center Digital Archive)
Journalist's Resource (Harvard, Kennedy School)
JSTOR Annotations Collection
JSTOR Daily, Politics and Government
JSTOR Open Content (11,000+ eBooks)
Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Law Library of Congress Research Guides (Library of Congress)
Legislative Glossary (from Congress.Gov)
Lehman Special Correspondence Files (1864- 1982), from Columbia University Libraries
Library of Congress, Digital Collections
Living Room Candidate, Collection of Campaign Commercials, (from 1952- 2020)
Media Bias/Fact Check
Michigan (State of) Campaign Finance Search
Michigan Compiled Laws, Search
Michigan Legislators, (2023- 2024)
Michigan Legislature
Michigan Voter Information Center
Misinformation Review (from the Harvard Kennedy School)
MSU Political Science & Public Policy Resources LibGuide
National Association of Counties (NACO)
National Constitution Center
National Election Studies
NewsHour (PBS), Political Science News
NPR, Politics
Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives
OpenSecrets.Org, Campaign Finance Research Tools
Oral History of the U.S. House of Representatives
Oversight.Gov (Collection of U.S. Inspector Generals Reports)
Pew Research Center, U.S. Elections and Voters
Pew Research, U.S. Politics & Policy
Plural, Listing of Legislative Research Tools
Political Science & Public Policy Resources LibGuide (from MSU Libraries)
Political Science Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Political Speeches Resources page (from Wake Forest)
PolitiFact (Political Fact Checking Resource)
Popular Names of Constitutional Provisions (Cornell Univ.)
Presidential Election Process (Introduction to the U.S. Electoral System)
Presidential Recordings & Multimedia Archives (from the Univ. of Virginia)
Presidential Speech Archive (Scripps Multimedia Archive)
Presidents of the United States, Resource Guides (Library of Congress)
Primary Documents in American History (from the Library of Congress)
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (Univ. of Michigan)
Pulitzer Center, Governance
RAND, Research by Topic
Reuters News Service
Robert's Rules of Order (1915 ed.)
Roll Call
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Data Highlights
Rulers (1700- present)
Selected Political Science Web Sites (Michigan State University Libraries)
Snopes.Com, Politics page
Standing Committees of the U.S. Congress (from Congress.Gov)
State Legislative History Guides on the Web (from Indiana University)
State of Michigan Legislation, Bills (2023- 2024)
State of the State Speeches for 2024
State of the Union Addresses, (1790- present)
StateScape, Resources page
The Hill (Political News)
Think Tank Search, Google Custom Search of 1,200+ Think Tanks & Research Centers
Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
U.S. Census, Browse A to Z
U.S. Congress.Gov
U.S. Congress.Gov, Legislation
U.S. Constitution Explorer (Visualization)
U.S. Courts Opinions (GovInfo.Gov)
U.S. Electoral College
U.S. Government Manual
U.S. House Live
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. National Debt Clock
U.S. Presidential Libraries & Museums (U.S. National Archives)
U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate Virtual Reference Desk
U.S. Supreme Court Argument Sessions, Audio Recordings
U.S. Supreme Court Center (Justia)
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions by Topic
U.S. Supreme Court Nominations (Library of Congress)
U.S. Supreme Court Nominations Research Guide (from Georgetown)
U.S. Treaties (1776- 1949) (Library of Congress)
UN Digital Library (United Nations)
Understanding the Declaration of Independence (from NEH)
UNESCO Open Access Publications
UNifeed, United Nations News
United Nations, A to Z site index
United Nations, Search
United States Code
United States Elections Web Archive (Library of Congress)
United States Statutes at Large (1789- 2018)
USA Facts
USA.Gov, Voting & Elections page
Voting America, U.S. Politics 1840- 2008 (from the Univ of Richmond)
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
White House Tapes.Org (recordings from 1940- 1973, 6 presidents)
Who Can Vote? (News 21 National Project, Carnegie-Knight Future of Journalism Education)
Who's Who in the U.S. Government
World Factbook
World Rulers
WWW Virtual Library International Affairs Resources
Yearbook of the United Nations (1946- 2023)
YouTube, U.S. National Archives
YouTube, United Nations Channel
YouTube, White House