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Culinary Arts
101 Cookbooks, Healthy Recipe Journal
19th Century Cookbooks Collection (from the HathiTrust)
40 Maps That Explain Food in America
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
All Recipes.Com
American Culinary Federation
American Institute of Wine and Food
America's Test Kitchen, Recipes
Ann Arbor Cooks
Art of the Menu
BBQ Science (Texas A&M)
Boke of Gode Cookery
Brewers Association
Brewing and Distillation Technology Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Center for Genomic Gastronomy
Chef 2 Chef
Chef Ann Foundation
Chemistry of Cooking (Open Textbook Library, eBook)
ChooseMyPlate.Gov, Recipe Resources
Cookery and Food Collections (MSU Libraries)
Cooking & Cookery, Internet Archive eBook Collection
Cooks Thesaurus
Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
Culinary Arts LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Culinary Arts, Media/Video Resources webliography
Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Digital Collections
Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Menu Collection
Daily Meal
Detroit Eastern Market
Eat Your Books, (A Tool for Organizing Recipes)
EDF Seafood Selector
Edible Communities
EdibleWOW Magazine
Evolution of American BBQ (Smithsonian magazine)
Explore the Geographic Origins of Our Food Crops
Expo Restaurant Cordon Bleu Online, Culinary Arts page Five Star French Recipes
Fannie Farmer Boston School Cook Book
FDA, Food
Feeding America Historic Cookbook Project (MSU Libraries)
Feeding America, Browse Objects Collection (MSU Libraries)
FEMA Flavor Ingredient Library (Flavor & Extract Manufacturing Association)
Food & Culture blog (from the Smithsonian)
Food & Nutrition Information Center
Food & Wine
Food and Drug Safety (FDA)
Food by Country
Food Channel
Food Environment Atlas (USDA)
Food Glossary, BBC
Food Insight, Nutrition & Food Safety Resource
Food Legislation Database
Food Museum
Food Network
Food Politics.Com, Links
Food Recipes (from PBS)
Food Safety.Gov
Food Studies Collection (from the HathiTrust)
Food Timeline
Foodista, Cooking Encyclopedia Wiki
FoodSpan Learning, Teaching the Food System, Resources (from Johns Hopkins)
French Culinary Links
Future of Food
Future of Food, PBS NewsHour Series
Future of Food, Research (from Oxford University)
Future of Food, What Is the Food System? (from Oxford University)
Gastronomica, Journal of Critical Food Studies
Gastropod (Collection of Culinary & Food related podcasts)
Getty Research Portal, Digitized Cookbooks
GMO Answers
Good Cooking: a mouth watering site on the internet
Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course (YouTube)
Great Chefs
Happy Cow (Free Vegetarian Restaurant Guide)
Hospitality Net
Human Nutrition & Food Safety, Resources (USDA)
Human Nutrition (2020 Edition, Open Textbook Library)
International Wine Research Database
Internet Archive, Cookbooks & Home Economics Digital Collection
JSTOR Sustainability Project
Julia Child Lessons from the Master Chefs
Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian
Just Food (Food News)
Leanne Cooks (Vegetarian Cookbook & Good & Cheap, Eating Well on $4 a Day Cookbook)
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (from Nursing Hero)
Memphis Digital Menu & Restaurant Collection (from Dig Memphis)
Menu Collection Searchable Database (Los Angeles Public Library)
Menus the Art of Dining
My Recipes, Recipe Finder
National Restaurant Association
National Restaurant Association, Issues & Advocacy
Nation's Restaurant News
New York Public Library, Historical Culinary Resources & websites
New York Public Library, Historical Menu Collection
New York Public Library, Historical Menus- Dishes
New York Times, Cooking
New York Times, Recipe Collections
Not by Bread Alone, America's Culinary Heritage
NPR Food
NPR Stories About Cookbooks
NPR, The Salt (food blog)
Nutritition Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Nutritive Value of Foods
Organic Consumers Association
Our World in Data, Explore Agricultural Production
Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, proceedings
Pastry Chef Central
Project Gutenberg, Digitized Cookbooks (17th- early 20th Century Cooking eBooks)
Restaurant Report
Science of Food (Exploratorium)
Search the World of Food (the Sifter, Search 5,000+ Cookbooks)
SEMCOG, Community Profiles
SEMCOG, Data and Maps
Serious Eats, a Food Blog & Community
Smithsonian Seafood website
Song of the Vine, A History of Wine (Cornell)
Spice Encyclopedia
Star Chefs
Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program
Sustainable Seafood Resources (NOAA)
Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts and Cookbooks Collection, from 1600- 1960 (Univ of Iowa)
TED Talks, Food
The Spruce Eats, Cooking Basics
U.S. FDA, Food
U.S. Presidential Food History Resources (Library of Congress)
USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service
USDA Food Safety, Science & Data
USDA Safe Food Handling
USDA Sustainable Agriculture News Feed
VegWeb, Recipes
What the World Eats: a Comparison of World Diets (National Geographic)
Whats Cooking America
Wine Searcher
WolframAlpha, Food & Nutrition
WorldCat.Org, Cooking
World's Healthiest Foods, 30 Healthiest Foods