Webliography Resources

ABYZ Newslinks for Africa (African News Sources)
Africa (sub-Saharan news coverage from the Council on Foreign Relations)
Africa Art, Essays and Timeline (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Africa Atlas of Our Changing Environment (from the United Nations)
Africa Focus, the Sights & Sounds of a Continent
Africa Map (Interactive Google Mapping Project, Harvard)
Africa News Coverage (PBS) Online Newshour
Africa Portal
Africa South of the Sahara (from Stanford)
Africa Through a Lens (UK)
African Development Bank, Educational Resources
African Digital Art
African Economic Outlook, 2022
African Online Digital Library (MSU)
African Studies and African Country Resources LibGuide (Pitt)
African Studies Center (University of Pennsylvania)
African Studies Digital Resource Collection (Univ. of Wisconsin)
African Studies LibGuide (Princeton)
African Studies Program (Univ. of Wisconsin)
African Studies Quarterly: the Online Journal of African Studies
African Studies Subject Guides (from Cornell Univ.)
African Union
African Voices
African Writing Systems
All Africa
Amnesty International
Amnesty International, Africa
Art of African Exploration (Smithsonian Exhibit)
BBC World News, Africa
Columbia University Libraries, African Studies
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Council on Foreign Relations, Middle East & North Africa
Council on Foreign Relations, Sub Saharan Africa
Data Africa
Documentary Footage of the Anti- Apartheid Struggle in South Africa (Community Video Education Trust)
Economic Development in Africa, 2022 (UN)
Egypt News Coverage, Reuters News Service
Egypt Resources, (Columbia University Libraries)
Enough The Project to End Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (The Center for American Progress)
Frontline (PBS), Ghosts of Rwanda
Frontline (PBS), Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
Frontline (PBS), On Our Watch
Frontline (PBS), Revolution in Cairo
Genocide Archive Rwanda
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Satellite Sentinel Project (Monitoring Sudan)
Human Development Reports by Country (from the UN)
Human Rights Watch, Africa
Human Rights Watch, Rwanda
International Criminal Court
International Crisis Group
International History Declassified, Browse by Location (Wilson Center)
International History Declassified, Collections by Theme (Wilson Center)
Internet African History Sourcebook
Internet Library for Sub Saharan Africa
King Leopold's Soliloquy 1905 2nd ed. (by Mark Twain)
Library of Congress, African & Middle Eastern Reading Room
Massacres links to resources (history of) from the Univ. of Buffalo
Mo Ibrahim Foundation
MSU Global Edge, Resources by Country
National Museum of African Art (from the Smithsonian)
Nelson Mandela Foundation
Perry Castenada Map Collection, African Maps (Univ. of Texas)
Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, Africa
Reuters, Africa News
Rulers (heads of state)
Science in Africa
United Nations
United Nations Economic Commission on Africa
United Nations in Africa, Peace & Security
United Nations World Health Organization
United Nations World Health Organization, Regional Office for Africa
United Nations, Africa Global Issues
University of Minnesota, Human Rights Library
World Factbook, African Country Profiles
World Wide Web Virtual Library, Indigenous Studies
Yale Genocide Studies program