Webliography Resources

Environmental Studies
2023 Climate Change Assessment Report (U.N./IPCC)
2024 Global Climate Report (NOAA)
2024 Global Risk Report (World Economic Forum)
About Our Great Lakes, A Digital Tour, (from NOAA.Gov)
Air Now.Gov (U.S. Air Quality Index)
AirNow.Gov, Fire and Smoke Map
Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
Atlas for a Changing Planet (from ESRI)
Atlas of Microplastics
Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study
Brookings Institution, Research Topics, Climate Change
Carbon Footprint Calculator (EPA)
Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Health
Chernobyl Accident Resource Guide (Library of Congress)
Children's Environmental Health Resources (University of Michigan)
Children's Environmental Health, Web Resources (NIH)
City Health Dashboard
Clean Cities, (from the U.S. Dept. of Energy)
Climate Central
Climate Central, Surging Seas Interactive Maps and Tools
Climate Change (American Museum of Natural History)
Climate Change (NASA)
Climate Change Deregulation Tracker (from Columbia University)
Climate Change Laws of the World
Climate Change News Coverage (from Context/Thomson/Reuters)
Climate Monitoring (NOAA)
Climate of the United States, Resources (NOAA)
Climate Resources (from the National Academies)
Climate Visuals (Image Library)
Climate.Gov, Maps & Data, Tools & Interactives
Climate.Gov, Teaching Resources
Consumptive Water Use in the Great Lakes Basin (from the USGS)
Discovery of Global Warming text (from the American Institute Of Physics)
Earth 911 Recycling Centers Directory (Searchable by Zip code)
Earth Data (NASA)
Earth Day: Selected Resources (from the Library of Congress)
Earth Institute, State of the Planet (Columbia University)
Edmunds Fuel Economy & Green Car Guide
Eldis, World Development Studies Clearinghouse
Encyclopedia of the Earth
Ensia (Global Environmental magazine)
Envirolink Network Clearinghouse
Environment 360 (from Yale)
Environment America, Issues
Environment Report.Org (Michigan Public Radio)
Environmental Health (from the CDC)
Environmental Health (MedlinePlus)
Environmental Health Topics, NIH
Environmental News (from The Guardian)
Environmental News Coverage (PBS NewsHour)
Environmental News Network
Environmental Studies Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Environmental Working Group (EWG)
EPA Browse by Topic
EPA Publications Gateway page
EPA, Acid Rain
EPA, Air Now, Air Quality Information
EPA, ChemView
EPA, Clean Up home page
EPA, Climate Change Research
EPA, Contaminated Site Clean- Up Information page
EPA, Enforcement & Compliance History Online
EPA, Environmental Impact Statement Mapping Tool
EPA, Environmental Topics
EPA, Great Lakes Report
EPA, Health & Environmental Research Online (HERO)
EPA, Hydraulic Fracturing
EPA, Laws & Regulations
EPA, My Environment
EPA, National Scale Air Toxins Assessment
EPA, Report on the Environment
EPA, Superfund
EPA, Sustainabilty Resources
EPA, Today's UV Index searchable by zip code
EPA, Toxic Release Inventory
EPA, Underground Storage Tanks
EPA, Water Topics
EPA, Wetlands
Exploratorium, Global Climate Change
FIRMS Map Viewer, Fire Information for Resource Management System (NASA)
Flint Water Advisory Task Force Final Report (March 2016)
Flint Water Crisis: Searching for News (from Pew Research)
Food & Water Watch
Food First, Institute for Food & Development Policy
Fracking Environmental Studies, Capstone Resources (Swarthmore College)
Frontline (PBS) Climate & Environment related programs
Global Climate Change (NASA)
Global Climate Change Resource page (from NASA)
Google Project Sunroof, Data Explorer (Explore the Estimated Solar Potential for your Community)
Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (NOAA)
Great Lakes Now
Great Lakes Now, Resources page
Great Lakes Resources (EPA)
Great Lakes Shore Viewer Tool
Green Revolution Video Series (from the National Science Foundation)
Greenpeace International
Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant Programs
Habitable Planet, a Multimedia Approach to Environmental Science
Harvest Public Media
Heat.Gov (NOAA)
How Carbon Offsets Work
Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, Popular Mechanics
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
JSTOR Sustainability Resources project
Library of Congress, Environmental Studies resources
Mapping the World's Ecosystems (USGS)
Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
Michigan GIS Open Data
Michigan Sea Grant
MIT Open Climate Collection
MSU Environmental & Occupational Medicine, Resources
National Center for Environmental Health (CDC)
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Ocean Service (from NOAA)
National Science Foundation, Earth & Environment Discoveries
Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resources Defense Council, Clean Energy
Nature Conservancy
NOVA Education (PBS)
Ocean Literacy Portal, UNESCO
Pesticides & Water Quality (from the Univ. of California)
Pew Research, Climate, Energy & Environment
Pew Trusts.Org, Environment
Plastics in the Ocean Affecting Human Health
Pulitzer Center, Environment & Climate Change
Pulitzer Center, Focus Areas
Pulitzer Center, Food Security
Pulitzer Center, Land Rights
Pulitzer Center, Rainforests
RAND, Research Areas, Energy and the Environment
Recycling Resources (from the EPA)
Relief Web, Topics
Sabin Center for Climate Change Law (Columbia University Law School)
Science Daily, Environmental News
SciLine, Science Fact Sheets (AAAS)
Sea Level Change (NASA)
Sierra Club
Society of Environmental Journalists, Annotated links by Category
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, media
State of Food Security & Nutrition in the World, 2023 (UN)
State of Michigan, Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
State of the Ocean.Org Resources page
State of the Planet, Earth Institute (Columbia University)
State of the World's Land & Water Resources (United Nations Report)
State of the World's Plants, 2023
Stockholm Environmental Institute
Sustainable Agriculture (USDA)
Sustainable Agriculture, Guides to Searchable Sites and Databases (USDA)
TED Talks, Environment
Three Mile Island (from the Smithsonian)
Tides and Currents (NOAA)
Tides and Currents Map (NOAA)
ToxNet (National Library of Medicine)
U.S. Drought Monitor, 2024
UN Convention on Climate Change
UN Environment Programme
UN Water
UN World Food Situation
United Nations, World Conservation Monitoring Centre
USAID Environment & Climate Change
Water Footprint Calculator
Water Quality Changes in the Nations Streams & Rivers (an Interactive Map, USGS)
Water Quality Topics, Resources page (USGS)
Water Resources of the U.S. (from the USGS)
Water Watch, Current Water Conditions (from the USGS)
What We Know (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
Woods Institute for the Environment (Stanford)
Woods Institute for the Environment, Publications
World Air Map
World Bank, Environment
World Health Organization (WHO) Environment, Climate Change & Health
World Health Organization (WHO) Global Climate Change
World Population History Map
World Resources Institute (WRI.Org)
Yale Environment 360