Webliography Resources

ESL (English as a Second Language)
16 ESL Listening websites, 2024
23 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English Online, 2024
50 Essential Resources for ESL Students, from the Open Education Database (OEDb)
A Road to Grammar, 365 ESL Practice Exercises
Activities for ESL Students
Adult Education, Beginner's Academic Skills (Seminole State)
Advanced Community College ESL Composition: An Integrated Skills Approach (Open Textbook)
American English for English Language Teachers Around the World (from U.S. State Department)
American English for English Language Teachers Around the World, Search Resources page (from U.S. State Dept)
Amherst College, Online Resources for Writers
Audience Considerations for ESL Writers (from Purdue/OWL)
Bab.la Online Dictionary of Languages
Best Posts for using AI with ELLs (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Best Sites to Practice Speaking English (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Best Sites Where ELL’s Can Learn Vocabulary (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Best TESOL/ESL/TESL Resources (from Northern Iowa Univ)
Best Websites For Developing Academic English Skills & Vocabulary (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Book Search by Lexile Reading Level
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, ESL page
Center for Applied Linguistics, Resources page
Center for English Language Acquisition, ESL
College ESL Writers: Applied Grammar and Composing Strategies for Success (Open Textbook)
Common Errors in English Usage
Common Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words
Commonly Confused Words (Webster Dictionary)
CompPile Inventory of Publications in Post Secondary Composition, ESL, Rhetoric & Discourse Studies (1939 Current)
CultureTalk Videos (LangMedia)
Dave's ESL Café, Resources
Eigo, AI Generated Listening & Reading Materials
ELLLO, Free practice website
English Central, Video Collection
English Club Resources page
English Communication Resources (UNSW)
English Grammar (Free English Grammar Lessons & Exercises)
English Grammar Guide
English Grammar Rules & Usage
English Language Reference Resources
English Language Resources for Learners to Read along and Listen
English Pronouncing Dictionary
English Worksheets Land (Free English Language worksheets aligned to the Common Core)
EngVid (Free English Video Lessons)
ESL Articles & Resources
ESL Galaxy (ESL/EFL Lesson Plan & Teaching Resource Portal)
ESL Grammar Resources (Purdue/OWL)
ESL Listening Lab
ESL Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
ESL Teacher Resources (Purdue/OWL)
ESL Teaching Guide for Public Speaking (Gale/Cengage)
ESL Teaching Guide for Public Speaking Fundamentals (Gale/Cengage)
ESL Teaching websites (Larry Ferlazzo's Best of Series)
ESL Video.Com (Free ESL Video Quizzes)
ESL Writers sitemap (Purdue/OWL)
ESL Writing Resources (Purdue/OWL)
ESL Writing Resources (Univ of North Carolina, Writing Center)
ESL/EFL Resources (from Duke University)
ESOL Courses, Free English Lessons Online
ESOL Nexus, Skills and Resources (from the British Council)
Excelsior Online Reading Lab
Excelsior Online Writing Guide
FLT Magazine (Free Language Technology magazine)
Forvo, Learn to Pronounce and Listen to Words from the World's Languages
Free English Language Learners Listening Resources (from Nathan Hall)
Fundamentals of Communication Resource Center (Gale/Cengage)
Gladia, Transcription Tool
Grammar Handbook, Writing Resources (University of Illinois)
Grammar Resources (Khan Academy Library)
Grammar Resources (Towson Univ.)
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to Grammar and Writing Index
Idiom Dictionary
Interesting Things for ESL Students
Internet TESL Journal
Knoword.Org, vocabulary game
Language Guide, Interactive English lessons
LanternFish ESL (printable teaching resources)
Larry Ferlazzo's ESL Teachers Resources page
Larry Ferlazzo's Teaching ESL/ELL Websites of the Day
Learn English Tutorials (from GCF LearnFree)
Learning English (GCF Tutorials)
Linguist List, ESL Resources
Literacy Information & Communication System (LINCS)
Literacy Information & Communication System (LINCS), Adult Education & Literacy Resource Collection
Literacy Information & Communication System (LINCS), Learner Center
MERLOT, ESL Resources
MERLOT, Pedagogy Portal
National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition
News in Levels, World News for Students of English
Newsela, Current News Stories by Reading Level & Reading Standard
Online English Language Center, Useful Resources
Online ESL Interactive Practice Quizzes
Phrase Finder, Find the Meanings and Origins of Phrases
Purdue/OWL, Writing Resources By Topic (site map)
Rachel's English
Readability (a Free Readability Text Testing Tool)
ReadWorks.Org (Free Reading Comprehension Tools)
Rewordify, Free ESL Language Tools
Road to Grammar (Grammar Practice Quizzes)
Schoolcraft College, ESL Courses
Sentence Examples of Words (from YourDictionary)
Simple English Wikipedia
Smrt English, Grammar videos
Sounds of English
Sounds of Speech, Phonetics
Talk English, Free Audio Lessons
Text Content Analysis Tool
ThoughtCo, ESL
TOEFL (from ETS)
USA Learns (Learn English for Free)
Useful Resources, Online English Language Center
Using English, ESL Resources
Vocabulary Building Resources
Voyant, Free Text Analysis Tool
Websters Dictionary
Word Hippo, Free ESL Tools
Word Wall, Interactive Word Game Templates
Wordnik Online Dictionary
WordSift, Free Text Visualization Tool
Wordsmyth Visual Dictionary (with pronunciations)
Writing Tips & Tools (from the Univ. of North Carolina)