Webliography Resources

ABYZ Newslinks news from Europe & around the world
Amnesty International
Avalon Project
BBC News, Europe
British Museum, Explore the Collection
Brookings Institution, Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
CIA World Factbook
Cold War International History Project
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Council on Foreign Relations, Europe
Council on Foreign Relations, Ukraine
Data.europa.eu, Country Insights
David Rumsey Map Collection
Eldis Gateway to Global Development
EU Member Countries
EurActiv: European Union Information web site
EuroDocs Online Source for European History
Europa, the Gateway to the European Union
Europa, the History of the European Union
Europe News Stories (Reuters News Service)
European History Sources (from Univ. of Washington)
European Union Law
European Union LibGuide (from the UC Berkeley library)
European Union, Browse by Topic
European Union, EU in Figures
Europeana Digital Library
Europeana Digital Library, Collections
Europeana Photography Collection (More than 6 million items)
Eurostat, European Statistics
Eurostat, Publications
Fact Sheets on the European Union
Foreign Relations of the U.S. (Digital Collection)
French Revolution Digital Archive
Frontline (PBS) (Russia related programs)
General George Marshall's Speech - Announcement of the Marshall Plan at Harvard
Global Human Development Indicators (United Nations)
Global Issues on the UN Agenda
Global Voices Online
Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture, Memory of the World Project
History Maps Project, Learn History Visually
Holocaust Encyclopedia (from the Museum of the Holocaust)
Holocaust Survivor, Oral History Archive (Univ. of Michigan)
House of European History
Human Development Reports by Country (from the UN)
International Government Information LibGuide (UC San Diego library)
International History Declassified, Browse by Topic (Wilson Center)
International Monetary Fund, regional reports and working papers
International Organizations LibGuide (Northwestern University Libraries)
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Liberty, Equality & Fraternity, French Revolution
Louvre (the)
Making the History of 1989, the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
Maps of Europe (Perry Castenada, Univ. of Texas)
Marshall Plan Speech (Wilson Center Digital Archive)
OSCE (Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe)
PBS NewsHour, Europe
Perry Castenada Maps by City listing
Perry Castenada Maps of Europe
Rank Country, Statistical Data by Country
Reuters News Service
Rulers (International Heads of State & Foreign Governments)
Russia- Ukraine Conflict (AP News)
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Ukraine Crisis Live Updates (The Guardian)
UNESCO Institute for Statistics
United Nations
United Nations, Documents
United Nations, Statistics Division
Vision of Britain Through Time
World Bank
World Economic Forum
WWW Virtual Library of International Affairs resources
Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization