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World Languages
A Vos Plumes, French Grammar Practice Exercises (Univ of Virginia)
A Vos Plumes, French Writing Center Resources for Teachers (Univ. of Virginia)
ABYZ News Links (Collection of World News links)
Arabic Listening Exercises (Univ. of Texas)
Bab.la Online Dictionary of Languages
BBC News (in Multiple Languages)
Bing Microsoft Language Translator Tool
Chinese Reading & Comprehension
Chinese Reading Practice
Chinese Take-In, Interactive Chinese Language Lessons (from the Univ. of Texas)
Collins English/Chinese Dictionary
Collins English/Spanish Dictionary
Digital Dialects (Practice with Audio Files of Various Languages)
Foreign Language Web Resources LibGuide (Austin CC)
Forvo (Interactive Language Pronunciation Guides)
Francais Interactif (from the University of Texas)
French Language Learning Support: 20+ Sites
FSI Language Courses (Live Lingua)
Gateway to Chinese (Univ. of Texas)
German Dictionary, (Dict.CC)
Google Translate
Health Information in Multiple Languages (from MedlinePlus)
HSK Chinese Flash Cards
Language Guide, (Free Resources for Learning Languages)
Learn 48+ Languages for Free (from OpenCulture.Com)
Learn a Language.Com
MERLOT World Languages Community Portal
MIT Opencourseware, Global Studies & Languages
National Foreign Language Center
Native Languages of the Americas Online Resources page
Omniglot, Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems & Languages
Open Textbook Library, Free Language Textbooks
Polly Lingual, Free Arabic Language Lessons
Russian & Slavic Language Dictionaries
Spanish Proficiency Exercises (Univ. of Texas)
Speech Accent Language Archive
SpinTX, (a Free Collection of Videos in Spanish for Language Learning)
Tutt* a tavola! Elementary Italian (Free eBook, Vol. 1)
Tutt* a tavola! Elementary Italian (Free eBook, Vol. 2)
University of Texas, Language Technology Center (Interactive Foreign Language Learning Modules)
Web Links for Language Teachers (FLTeach, Foreign Language Teaching Forum)
Word Reference, Collection of Romance Language Dictionaries
World Languages LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Your Dictionary Directory