Webliography Resources

Health Statistics
Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
America's Health Rankings, 2021
Bureau of Health Professions, Workforce Statistics (BHPR)
Cancer Statistics (American Cancer Society)
CDC, Data & Statistics
CDC, Health 2019 Report
CDC, National Center for Health Statistics
CDC, PLACES Project (Health Data)
CDC, Wonder Online Databases
County Health Rankings, Michigan (2021)
COVID-19 Data from the National Center for Health Statistics
COVID-19 Ecomomic Dashboard (SEMCOG)
COVID-19, in the United States (DATA USA)
DATA USA, Health
Diabetes State Atlas (from the CDC)
EuroStat, Public Health Data
Finding and Using Health Statistics (NIH)
Global Health Observatory (World Health Organization)
Global Health Policy (Kaiser Family Foundation)
Glossary of Statistical Terms
Health at a Glance 2021 (from the OECD)
Health Data Tools & Statistics
Health Insurance Data (US Census)
Health Statistics LibGuide (Univ of Michigan)
Health, United States 2019
Human Development Reports by Country (United Nations)
Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Data Visualizations
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, U.S. County Profiles
Kaiser Family Foundation, Fast Facts about the Health Care System
Medicare Provider Charge Data
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Statistics & Reports
Michigan Historical Vital Statistics (1946- 2020)
National Center for Health Statistics (CDC)
National Center for Health Statistics (CDC) FastStats
National Library of Medicine, Data Tools & Statistics
National Vital Statistics System (CDC)
Nursing Education Statistics (from the National League for Nursing)
Occupational Safety & Health Statistics (OSHA)
OECD Health Statistics, 2021
Pan American Health Organization, Health Topics (UN)
Public Health Threats and Pandemics (from the Council on Foreign Relations)
State Health Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation)
State of Michigan Data
Statistics Canada
Statistics in the Aging Population
United Nations Statistical Data (UN Data)
World Health Organization, Data & Statistics
World Health Statistics Report, 2021 (WHO)