Webliography Resources

Artificial Intelligence
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2024 AI Index Report, by Chapter (Stanford)
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A Jargon-Free Explanation of How AI Large Language Models Work
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AI & Machine Learning (Intel)
AI & the Future of Teaching & Learning Report, 2023
AI Canon, 2023
AI in Science (Free 300pp eBook OECD)
AI Joins the Workforce report (2023, Cengage)
AI Now 2023 Landscape report
Allen Institute for AI
Artificial Intelligence & Higher Education: Chatbots, ChatGPT and Generative AI: Resources LibGuide (from DePauw University)
Artificial Intelligence LibGuide (McGill University)
Artificial Intelligence Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Artificial Intelligence: An AI Generated Reading List (JSTOR)
Augmented Work (2023, IBM Study)
AWS Machine Learning Blog
Baidu Research
Brief History of AI (Oxford)
ChatGPT and Education (Guide, Northern Illinois University)
Copyright and Artificial Intelligence, 2024
CRAFT AI Literacy Resources (Stanford)
Critical AI Literacy for Educators
Deep Learning (MIT eBook)
Economic Potential of Generative AI, (McKinsey 2023)
Experimental Evidence on the Productivity Effects of Generative Artificial Intelligence
Future of Professionals Report, 2023 (Reuters)
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Generative AI Resources (Univ. of Michigan)
Google DeepMind
Google Research
GPT4 Technical report, March 2023 (100pp)
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How will Language Modelers like ChatGPT Affect Occupations and Industries?
Inside Higher Ed, Artificial Intelligence
Inside Higher Ed, Tech & Innovation
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Journalists Toolbox AI
Learn with AI (UMaine)
Mathematics for Computer Science (Free eBook)
McKinsey Generative AI
McKinsey State of AI in 2023
McKinsey Tech Trends Outlook 2023
Meta AI
Microsoft Research
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Most visited AI websites
National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC) Report, May 2023
New principles for the use of AI in Education
Partnership on AI
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Pew Research, Internet & Technology
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Practical AI for Teachers and Students (Wharton):
Probability and Statistics Cookbook
Programming in Python LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Quora, Computer Science
Sparks of Artificial Intelligence, 2023 (155pp paper)
Stanford HAI
STEM Resources LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Teaching with ChatGPT LibGuide (Harper College)
What is ChatGPT doing and why does it work?