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Middle East Resources
1001 Inventions
ABYZ News links, Worldwide Online Newspaper Directory
Arab American National Museum
Arab American National Museum, Resources for Educators
Arab American National Museum, Special Collections
Arab News, (the Middle East's leading english language daily)
Arab Spring, Study & Research Guide (Cornell Univ.)
Avalon Project, the Middle East Historic Documents (from 1916- 2010)
BBC News, in Arabic
BBC News, Middle East News
Best Resources for Learning About Syria
Brookings Institute, Iran
Brookings Institute, Iraq
Brookings Institute, Middle East
Carnegie Endowment, the Middle East
Carnegie Middle East Center
Center for Middle East Policy (Brookings Institute)
Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies (Univ of Michigan)
Center for Strategic & International Studies, Middle East Region
Center for Strategic & International Studies, Middle Eastern Issues page
CIA World Factbook, Middle East
CNN, Middle East
Columbia University, Middle East & Islamic Studies
Columbia University, Middle East Institute
Congressional Research Reports on the Middle East
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Cornell University Libraries, Middle East Collection
Council on Foreign Relations, Israel
Council on Foreign Relations, Israeli- Palestinian Conflict
Council on Foreign Relations, Middle East & North Africa
Council on Foreign Relations, The Sunni-Shia Divide
Council on Foreign Relations, The Taliban
Council on Foreign Relations, Time of the Kurds
Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME)
Egypt News Coverage, Reuters News Service
Egyptian Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Encyclopedia of the Orient
Foreign Policy Magazine
Foreign Relations Historical Documents (U.S. State Dept.)
Frontline (PBS), 11 Years into the Syrian Conflict
Frontline (PBS), Battle for the Holy Land
Frontline (PBS), Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia
Frontline (PBS), Death in Tehran
Frontline (PBS), Inside Yemen
Frontline (PBS), Revolution in Cairo
Frontline (PBS), World
Hamas, Council on Foreign Relations
Hezbollah, Council on Foreign Relations
How the Arab Spring Unfolded (visualization)
International History Declassified, Browse by Location (Wilson Center)
International History Declassified, Collections by Theme (Wilson Center)
Iran, World News (the Guardian)
Islamic Art, Timelines and Essays (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Islamic Manuscripts on the Web (from ALA/ACRL)
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jerusalem Post
Mesopotamia Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Middle East & Islamic Studies (from Columbia University)
Middle East Institute
Middle East maps (Univ. of Texas Libaries)
Middle East Media Research Institute
Middle East Water Collection (from Oregon St.)
Near Eastern, Islamic & Arabic Studies (Yale)
New Middle East, Report from the Carnegie Endowment
NPR, Middle East News
Palestine News Agency
PBS NewsHour, Middle East News Coverage
Rand Center for Middle East policy
Reclaiming Identity: Dismantling Arab Stereotypes (Arab American National Museum)
Ref Desk, Middle East News sources
Relief Web
Reuters, Middle East News
Situation in Syria, Resources page
Syria (ReliefWeb)
Syria and U.S. Policy (Congressional Research Service 2022 Report)
Syrian Refugee Journey, (BBC Interactive)
Teaching the Middle East, Resources (Univ. of Chicago)
The Waypoint: a Visual Journey through the Island of Lesbos, the Gateway to Europe
U.S. State Department, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
United Nations News Centre, the Middle East
United Nations, Peace Keeping
University of Texas Libraries, Middle East map collection
Washington Post, Middle East News
Women in the Middle East Resources page (from Yale)
Women's Rights & Democracy in the Middle East, (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report)
Yale University, Research Guide to Middle East politics
Yemen (ReliefWeb)