Vol. XXXVII, No. 1—Winter 2021

371 cover

The MacGuffin’s Vol. 37.1 comes at you with an expanded selection of poetry and expanded coverage of our Poet Hunt contest(s) too! We start with Matthew Olzmann’s selections from Poet Hunt 25: Vivian Shipley’s grand prize winning “No Rehearsal” and honorable mention selections from Rita Schweiss and John Jeffire. We then look ahead to Poet Hunt 26, open April 1-June 15, 2021, with a four-poem spotlight on guest judge Indigo Moor. Kevin Tosca’s humorous “How Quaint” and Lance Olsen’s slowly unfolding “Skin Elegies” round out this issue’s prose selections. Joe Lugara’s deep, digital paintings serve as this issue’s art feature.

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What’s a MacGuffin?

The moving force (and sometimes the solution) of a work of mystery fiction is referred to as a MacGuffin, a concept that originated in Victorian England. 

Alfred Hitchcock used the term and said, “No film is complete without a MacGuffin because that’s what everybody is after.” The MacGuffin might be the papers everyone is looking for or the ring that was stolen — in short, the MacGuffin is any device or gimmick that gets a plot rolling. The MacGuffin itself has little, if any, fundamental importance, and, according to Hitchcock, is nothing in and of itself.

Our Own MacGuffin

Order The MacGuffinThe MacGuffin, established in 1984, is a national literary magazine created on campus. The journal is a 160 page 6” x 9” perfect-bound collection of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art, including black and white photos, prints and drawings. Our MacGuffin is published three times per year.

The mission of The MacGuffin is to encourage, support, and enhance the literary arts in the Schoolcraft College community, the region, the state, and the nation.

By fulfilling its role as a national literary journal, The MacGuffin brings national and international prestige to Schoolcraft College. It is our main vehicle for our contribution to literary excellence.

The MacGuffin’s purposes:

  1. To provide opportunities for hands-on literary publication work experience.
  2. To sponsor annual literary events.
  3. To give a voice to deserving newer writers, by publishing their work alongside those of well-known writers.
  4. To provide a vehicle for writers to share their works with a diverse readership.
  5. To provide an opportunity for writers to experiment and innovate.
  6. Attempt to reach as big an audience as possible.

Quality fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art since 1984.