Reporting Concerning Behavior and Misconduct

If there is immediate risk to life or property call Schoolcraft Police at 734-462-4424, or dial 911.

For Students, Employees and Visitors

The SC aware team's responses to concerns submitted via the Concerning Behavior or Misconduct Reporting form will vary depending on the situation and may include:

  • Licensed counselor outreach/support provided by our staff or referral to an appropriate external agency.
  • Review to determine if any violations of the Student Code of Conduct, college  policies or laws have occurred.
  • Alerting Campus Police or others as needed.
  • Helping the student learn and grow from the college experience. 
  • The SC aware team will keep you updated on the status of the case as we deem appropriate. 

A note about disruption in the classroom or online learning environment

Instructors who experience disruptive behavior by a student should take the following steps:

  1. Address the behavior directly, either during class or in a one-to-one conversation before or after class.
  2. If #1 does not produce a change in the behavior, complete a report using SC aware. An administrator will speak to you and with the student and determine if a caution is in order or if disciplinary action is required.
  3. If the behavior persists, submit another report in SC aware. Upon receiving this report, the administration will take the next step in the disciplinary process.
  4. Instructors who find it necessary to remove or bar a student from a class meeting should complete an SC aware as soon as possible so that the administration can investigate the matter promptly. While instructors have the authority to remove or bar a student from one class meeting, the authority to permanently remove a student from a class rests with the administration.
  5. If the disruptive student poses an immediate threat to the safety of others (or to themselves), the instructor should dismiss the class and leave the room, encouraging other students to do the same, and then call the Schoolcraft College Police Department at 734-462-4424. Campus Police will take the instructor’s statement and will submit the report through SC aware.