All tuition and fees are due within 3 weekdays of registration. You may either make payment in full or  enroll in the college’s payment plan, which offers you added flexibility and convenience.

If you choose to pay in full you can do so online using Ocelot Access or in person at the Cashier’s Office in the McDowell Center. Payment can be made with cash, checks made payable to Schoolcraft College or MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover credit card or debit card.

Students using MET for the first time at Schoolcraft College must contact the State of Michigan at 800-638-4543 to initiate your contract. Returning MET students must contact the Student Accounts office, each semester to arrange for your MET funds to be applied to your student account. 

Students using MESP or other 529 college savings plan accounts to pay tuition and fees can be held in classes by emailing,, a confirmation of disbursement from the 529 plan administrator. Be sure the request includes the student's name, student number, funding amount and term. Notice of funding will need to be provided every semester where a student is using their MESP/ 529 college savings plan account. PLEASE NOTE: Funding level amount on disbursement confirmation must match the exact amount of tuition and fee charges of the respective semester to be held in your classes.

Students using Children of Veterans Tuition Grant will need to contact the Student Accounts office, by emailing, each semester to initiate the application of this funding. 

Questions regarding payments can be directed to student accounts staff in Student Financial Services.