Once final grades are submitted by your instructor they are immediately available on WebAdvisor. These grades are recorded as part of your permanent record.

Students seeking to dispute a grade must do so with the instructor within ten business days of the issuance of the grade.

Grading System

Effective Fall Semester 1988

4.0-3.5: Excellent performance
3.4-3.0: Very good performance
2.9-2.5: Good, above average performance
2.4-2.0: Average performance
1.9-1.5: Below average performance
1.4-1.0: Poor performance
0.0: Unacceptable performance
W: Withdrawal (not counted in GPA)
I: Incomplete (not counted in GPA)
Audit: No grade or credit granted
R: Repeated course effective Summer 2010
NS: No Show (no credit awarded and the course is not counted in GPA)

Courses excluded from the GPA under the forgiveness policy are designated by an asterisk. *

Grade Point Average

Students may calculate their grade point average as in this example:

GPA Calculator
Class Elected Course Credit Hours Grade Received Grade Points Earned
ENG 101 3 x 2.2 = 6.6
POLS 105 3 x 3.4 = 10.2
MATH 113 4 x 2.1 = 8.4
CHEM 111 4 x 2.7 = 10.8
Total Credits 14 Total Grade Points 36

Multiply the course credit hours by the grade received to get the grade points earned.  Divide the total grade points earned by the total course credits earned to yield the grade point average: 36 / 14 = 2.57 GPA