Outgoing Transcripts

Schoolcraft College has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide the service of secure online ordering and delivery of transcripts. Safe, fast, and easy, it is the most efficient way to order your official transcripts.

Transcripts can be ordered online 24/7 through the National Student Clearinghouse, including weekends and holidays. The site will walk you through placing your order, including uploading attachments, delivery options, and fees. With a valid credit or debit card you can order transcripts to be sent to Colleges, Universities, Employers, and yourself. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed. All charges are non-refundable. eTranscripts are delivered within 24 hours and the fees are as follows:

Order Transcripts

Obtaining Transcripts
Method Cost
Electronic Exchange (schools participating in the NSC network) $5.00 per copy
Electronic PDF $5.00 per copy
Mail/United States $7.75 per copy
Express/United States
$26.75 + $5.00 per copy
Express/Canada & Mexico
$45.75 + $5.00 per copy
Express/International $57.75 + $5.00 per copy

(These are National Student Clearinghouse fees and are paid directly to them, not Schoolcraft College)

Transcripts to be mailed are processed within 3-5 business days. This does not include the U.S. Postal Service delivery time. These transcripts cannot be tracked.

How to Request an Official Transcript

Go to the secure National Student Clearinghouse website.Follow the step-by-step instructions to place your order. Your signed consent is required to fulfill the transcript order. You can either sign electronically with your mouse or print, sign, and email your consent form to consent@studentclearinghouse.org or fax it to 1-703-742-4238. Once your consent form is received you will receive email and/or text notifications with order updates.

All Schoolcraft College students (alumni, current, and former) can order electronic transcripts.

You can either log into Ocelot Access and click on Electronic Transcript Request-NSC in the Students Menu to be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse transcript ordering service or you can go directly to www.getmytranscript.com. If you need assistance with Ocelot Access please contact the Answer Center at 734-462-4426. If you have questions about the NSC transcript ordering service, you can contact the NSC via email at service@studentclearinghouse.org or by phone at 703-742-7791.

Please keep in mind that students with outstanding financial obligations to the college will not be able to submit transcript requests. You will receive a “Hold” message and will be given the contact information of the department you will need to contact to resolve the hold.

Degrees and Grades

  • If you need your transcript sent with current semester grades, please verify that your grades have posted to your transcript in Ocelot Access before submitting your transcript requestNSC fees are non-refundable.
  • If you need your transcript sent with your degree/certificate, please verify that your degree/certificate has posted to your transcript in Ocelot Access before submitting your transcript requestNSC fees are non-refundable.

MACRAO & MTA Designations

  • Courses being applied to the MACRAO endorsement must be completed before the Fall 2019 semester. 
  • Courses taken in the Fall 2019 semester and forward can only be applied to the MTA endorsement.
  • You can view your MACRAO/MTA designation on your unofficial transcript in Ocelot Access.
  • Once an endorsement is added to your transcript you do not need to request it again. The endorsement remains on your transcript.
  • If you are not sure if you have met the requirements for MTA, please speak with an Advisor at 734-462-4429 or email eadvise@schoolcraft.edu.
  • To request that one of the designations be added to your transcript email screcord@schoolcraft.edu. Please include your name, student id #, and which designation you are requesting.

Other Considerations

  • Transcripts can only be requested once all financial obligations to Schoolcraft College have been met.
  • Transcripts issued directly to the student may not be considered official by other institutions.  Please check with your institution before placing your order.
  • Schoolcraft College does not fax or email transcripts.

How to Obtain Your Unofficial Transcript

Schoolcraft College does not mail unofficial transcripts to students. Unofficial transcripts are available at no cost and are intended for personal use and reference. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed and printed from your Ocelot Access account. You can also receive a PDF copy ($5) of your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse. If you require assistance with your log in credentials, or re-activating your Ocelot Access account, please contact the Answer Center at 734-462-4426.

How to Obtain your Personal & Professional Learning (formerly Continuing Education) Transcript

To obtain a copy of your Personal & Professional Learning transcript, please complete the Personal & Professional Learning Transcript Request Form and fax or email it to the Records Office.