Prior Learning Credits

The college recognizes that students may have attended other institutions or have completed college-level learning from non-college sources.  Transfer credit may be granted for a maximum combined 45 credit hours from all of the following:

     Regionally accredited colleges and universities
     Advanced Placement courses
     CLEP & DSST exams
     Credit by Exam
     Articulation Credit
     Special Licensure or Certification
     Work Life Experience     

College/University Credit

Courses taken at regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated for courses taught at Schoolcraft. Students must score 2.0/C or higher for consideration. Some programs may require higher grades for acceptance of transfer credit. We do not evaluate or grant transfer credit for courses below 100 level.

Effective Winter 2019 semester:  Transfer credit will be granted for an exact equivalent course from another accredited institution in which the student received a 0.0 grade at Schoolcraft College. Please note that the 0.0 grade will still be calculated in the student's grade point average.  These requests should be submitted to 

Request official transcripts from your previous college/university to be sent directly to the Schoolcraft College Student Records office.   Hand carried or "issued to student copies" are not accepted for the purposed of evaluating transfer credit.

International students should use one of the approved evaluation services listed on the Incoming Transcripts page.  International transcript translation companies do charge for their services.

There is no charge to students to have transcript evaluated, but previous institutions may charge for official transcripts to be sent.

Advanced Placement Credit

Students who took the Advanced Placement exam scoring a minimum of 3 may be able to earn credit at Schoolcraft College.

Send Advanced Placement scores ( to the Schoolcraft College Records Office.

There is no charge to evaluate Advanced Placement scores.


Students can earn credit based on satisfactory scores on the CLEP (minimum score of 50) or DSST (minimum score of 400) exams.

Exams are given monthly through the Schoolcraft College Testing Center.

Exam registration fees are paid directly to CLEP/DSST.  Schoolcraft charges a test administration fee for exams taken on our campus. More information can be found at

Credit by Exam

Students who present evidence of special course proficiency, experience or education can take an exam to prove college-level learning. Students must earn a 2.0 or higher to receive credit.

Students interested in credit by exam should contact the appropriate dean or associate dean of the discipline to discuss options.

Students pay the current in-district tuition rate (per credit hour).

Articulation Credit

Schoolcraft College has articulation agreements with several area high schools and career/technical centers to earn specific credit for specific programs.

Students should have the high school instructor email with the student's information and the course/program information and grade(s).

There is no cost to have articulated credit evaluated.

Special Licensure or Certification

Students who have earned nationally recognized licensure or certification can submit for assessment of comparable college courses.

Students interested in receiving credit for special licensure or certification should contact the appropriate dean or associate dean of the discipline to discuss options.

Students pay $25 to have the credits applied to their transcript.

Work Life Experience

Students may have non-instructional life experiences that may make them eligible for credit.

Students interested in Work Life Experience should contact the appropriate dean, associate dean or assistant dean of the discipline to discuss options.

Students pay the current in-district tuition rate (per credit hour).