Testing Center

Test Preparation

  •  Facemasks are required

Placement Test Preparation and Study Guides

Test Taking Tips

Before a test:

  • Know what will be specifically covered on the test.
  • Know how the questions are going to be asked (multiple choice, true/false, essay, matching).
  • Make sure your notes are complete. Compare with classmates.
  • Review in advance.
  • Know the point value of each question. This will help decide how much time is required to answer each question.
  • Understand the consequences — How is this test going to effect my overall grade?
  • Create Pretests. Use quizzes, old tests, etc.
  • Prepare necessary equipment (pencils, paper, calculator, etc.)

During the test:

  • Be on time and prepared — arrive early to get organized both physically and mentally
  • Read directions carefully — ask if unclear.
  • Work on the questions you can answer quickly first.
  • Keep track of time and budget accordingly.
  • If allowed to write on the exam in the margins, jot down formulas, equations, facts, or other material you know and might forget.
  • Regard memory lapse as perfectly normal. If you have a block, leave it and return to it later.
  • Write legibly.
  • Relax and have confidence in yourself!
  • Make sure to check over the entire test for any careless errors.
  • Don't try to be the first one to leave — everyone has their own pace.

After the test:

  • Relax, it's over!
  • Don't dwell — you can not react to your performance until you receive your grade.
  • Keep all study materials for the final.
  • Reward yourself whether you did well or not. You still worked hard.

Make-up Testing

Students sometimes miss a test because of absence, illness or other extenuating circumstances. Arrangements can be made with instructors for make-up testing in the Center.

  • Testing by appointment only.
  • Photo identification with first and last name is required (Cannot be a picture on phone).
  • Permission to make up a test is the decision of the instructor.
  • Appropriate testing accommodations available for those with documentation of special needs.