College Policies

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

At Schoolcraft we want our students and staff to be safe, healthy and successful. One way to do this is to offer policies, resources and support that help individuals avoid the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

This section of our website pulls together information on the following:

  • College policies and standards of conduct regarding drug and alcohol possession and usage, and sanctions for violations.
  • State and federal laws regarding drug and alcohol possession and usage, and penalties for violations.
  • Health risks associated with drug and alcohol usage and abuse.
  • Information on awareness-raising and educational activities sponsored by the College regarding drug and alcohol use and abuse.
  • Information about on-campus and community-based support and resources for individuals dealing with drug or alcohol problems.

The content on these pages is managed by the Student Relations Office. Questions can be directed to this office using the contact information available on this page.