Sanctions for Students

Student Code of Conduct (Policy 2011: Regulations Governing Students)

Respondents found responsible for violating the Code may face one or more of the following sanctions:

  1. Warning: A written notice that the student violated the Code and that he or she will face more severe sanctions if they violate the Code again.
  2. Restitution: Compensation for damage caused to the College or any person’s property.
  3. Community/College Service Requirements: A student or a student organization can be required to complete a specific service project.
  4. Loss of Privileges: The student is denied specified privileges for a designated period of time.
  5. Confiscation of Prohibited Property: Items whose presence is in violation of the Code are confiscated and become College property. Prohibited items may be returned to the owner at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Relations and/or Schoolcraft College Police Department.
  6. Behavioral Requirement: This includes required activities including, but not limited to, seeking academic counseling or substance abuse screening, writing a letter of apology, etc.
  7. Educational Program or Assignment: Requirement to attend, present and/or participate in an educational program related to the violation. It may also be a requirement to sponsor or assist with an awareness program or event. Another possibility is an assignment to produce a written, spoken or videotaped piece on a topic related to the violation.
  8. Restriction of Visitation Privileges: The parameters of the restriction will be specified.
  9. College Probation: The student is put on official notice that, should further violations occur during a specified probationary period, the student may face suspension or expulsion. Regular probationary meetings may also be imposed.
  10. Eligibility Restriction: The student is deemed “not in good standing” with the College for a specified period of time. Specific limitations or exceptions may be granted by the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer and terms of this conduct sanction may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    a. Ineligibility to hold any office in any student organization recognized by the College or hold an elected or appointed office at the College; or
    b. Ineligibility to represent the College to anyone outside the College community in any way including: participating in the study abroad program, attending conferences, or representing the College at an official function, event or intercollegiate competition as a player, manager or student coach, etc.
  11. College Suspension: Separation from the College for a specified minimum period of time, after which the student is eligible to return. Eligibility may be contingent upon satisfaction of specific conditions noted at the time of suspension. The student is required to vacate the campus within 24 hours of notification of the action, though this deadline may be extended upon application to, and at the discretion of, the Associate Dean of Student Relations. During the suspension period, the student is banned from College property, functions, events and activities without prior written approval from the Associate Dean. This sanction may be enforced with a trespass action as necessary.
  12. College Expulsion: Permanent separation from the College. The student is banned from College property and the student’s presence at any College- sponsored activity or event is prohibited. This action may be enforced with a trespass action as necessary.
  13. Other Sanctions: Additional or alternate sanctions may be created and designed as deemed appropriate to the offense with the approval of the Associate Dean.

Student groups and organizations can be sanctioned

The following sanctions may be imposed upon groups or organizations found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct:

1) One or more of the sanctions listed above, specifically 1 through 8, 11 through 13, and/or

2) Deactivation, de-recognition, loss of all privileges (including status as a College registered group/organization), for a specified period of time.