Schoolcraft is excited to offer traditional credit face-to-face, hybrid, online, and remote classes. We are committed to providing students a safe experience based on recent COVID-19 concerns.

Please visit the COVID-19 web page to learn more. Keep checking the schedule for additions on our New, Added, and Late Starting Courses web page.

Choose Your Course Format

Schoolcraft College provides students a variety of choices for learning.

Students can register for Traditional Credit Courses where they can attend classes on campus and take advantage of the flexibility of the various online or hybrid learning options that lead to a college credential.

Schoolcraft is also home to the region's most comprehensive Continuing Education and Professional Development departments, which offers hundreds of non-credit courses each semester for students of all ages.

I. Credit Course Options

Students can take classes taught by our highly qualified faculty members and earn credits toward a certificate or degree at any of our four locations or through a variety of online options.

Ready to Learn

Schoolcraft College is committed to providing a safe, effective, and engaging learning environment. We are monitoring government restrictions regarding the COVID pandemic and will alert students if any changes to course offerings are needed.

Traditional classes that will either be fully on-campus or in a hybrid option should check Schoolcraft’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications page for additional information for students regarding social distancing. 

Traditional 100% On-Campus Credit Course

Traditional 100% on-campus credit courses meet face-to-face in the classroom or lab setting for each meeting period. 

100% On-Campus: What does this mean?

Students selecting to attend classes fully on-campus, will be registering for classes that will be held in one or more campus locations that may be found here:

To ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, social distancing protocols will be put into place. Students enrolling in these types of courses should check Schoolcraft’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications page for additional information regarding the social distancing, screening process and check-in procedures. 

Students are required to attend courses at the times identified.

Hybrid Credit Course

A hybrid credit course combines traditional classroom time with scheduled online class sessions. It is part "traditional" and part "remote."

Hybrid (HYB) Course: What does this mean?

Most of the class meets remotely during scheduled time via live web conferencing. The class meets on campus to conduct hands-on work in the labs or studio or may meet off-site for work-related learning.

How this is managed may depend on the course and the instructor. For example, if you register for a Computer Networking Technology course such as CNT 210, you would plan to meet during the class meeting times either physically in the classroom on campus or “in class” online depending on the schedule that is established in your syllabus. 

Whereas, in an Organic Chemistry class (CHEM 213), you will see the meeting times are divided into “Lecture” and “Lab.”  When you get ready to register, you’ll find that the note on the section indicates that all lectures will be conducted remotely and all labs will meet on campus. That means that you can expect to meet your teacher during the scheduled days and times for a remote lecture through Zoom or Collaborate and you can expect to meet your teacher during the scheduled lab times on campus in the physical Chemistry lab.    

If your course meets off-site such as in an Accounting Internship (ACCT 206) or Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing (NURS 205) course, you will see that the “Lecture” and “Off-site” times will be managed according to the way in which your instructor and workplace/off-site setting has been arranged and TBA or TBD may appear in the section meeting times. This could include both online and in-person experiences depending on the work or clinical setting requirements.

Students are required to attend both on-campus (or off-site, if applicable) and in the online environment, plus participate in academic assignments in either setting.  


Online Distance Learning Credit Course

The Distance Learning Department offers Online (ONL) credit courses. These course styles provide greater scheduling flexibility for students.

Distance Learning Online (ONL) Course: What does this mean?  

Students can take an online course when and where it is convenient for them, as there are no requirements to meet at set times on campus. Students are required to keep up with weekly assignments and participate in online discussions. Please note: online MATH courses require multiple on-campus proctored exams.

Students are required to participate in online discussions or classroom interactions. 


Remote Credit Course

Remote credit courses offer students a comprehensive curriculum option that provides location flexibility, but meets at a determined time.

The required meeting day(s) and time(s) for specific sections can be found in the classroom session schedule that can be accessed via the course schedules or will be found in the course syllabus.

Synchronous Remote (RMT) Course: What does this mean?  

Classes meet remotely during the scheduled time via live web conferencing.  Blackboard is used to distribute additional course materials, submit assignments, share feedback, view grades, etc.

For example, if you registered for a traditional ENG 102 class that is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am – 11:30am, you will still be “in-class” on the same days and time. Your class will be live and face-to-face with your teacher and your classmates, but you will use a web conferencing tool such as Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom. Remote classes with a lab, such as BIOL 236, will also be lead by faculty using a web conferencing tool. If a course requires an on-campus lab, those classes will be listed as hybrid and the campus meeting times will be in the section meeting information.

Students are required to attend courses at the times identified.   

Please note: Some remote courses will require on-campus meetings. For instance, all MATH courses will meet on-campus multiple times. Other remote course sections may also require on-campus meetings.  Please see section notes for more information.


Which Credit Course Format is My Best Option?

Most of our Fall classes will be either Online or Remote. Here is some additional information regarding Online (ONL), Remote (RMT), and Hybrid (HYB) classes:

Additional Credit Course Learning Options

Schoolcraft provides flexibility for students through independent learning options as well as promotes enriching environments for learning through various academic endorsements. 

Students may choose these options when selecting courses to strengthen their academic experience in achieving their goals.

Independent Learning

Schoolcraft College provides students an opportunity to earn credit for certain courses through independent study. Students are expected to master the competencies the course requires. Students work independently under the direction of the assigned faculty member and are expected to meet with the faculty member at designated times during the semester. Contact the appropriate instructional administrator for more information. Students must obtain approval from an instructor and administrator to take an independent learning course.


Schoolcraft College offers global endorsements, service learning endorsements and a Schoolcraft Scholars Honors Program.

Learn More about Endorsements


II. Continuing Education & Professional Development (CEPD)

CEPD courses are non-credit earning that provide opportunities for students of any age to explore new careers and interests, polish work skills, or explore their creativity.


CEPD Online

CEPD continues to offer a wide range of online classes with our partners Ed2Go and UGotClass.  These classes are offered in a totally online environment and you can access them whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You will be emailed instructions for accessing your online classroom prior to the first class.

CEPD Virtual 

Effective Fall 2020

In order to maintain a wide range of offerings, CEPD has moved some of Fall 2020 classes to a Virtual Format.  Classes meeting virtually will meet in a synchronous format, during the scheduled class time. 

What does this mean? Virtual classes meet at a distance during the scheduled time via live web conferencing on Zoom. For example, if you registered for Virtual class that lists the class times as Tuesday from 7:00 – 9:30, you will still be “in class” on the same day and time. Your class will be live and face-to-face with your teacher and your classmates, but you will use Zoom, a free conferencing tool.  Students will receive information on joining the Zoom classroom from their instructor prior to the start of class.


If you have already registered for Fall term, you can log into Ocelot Access and check your schedule to see if any of your registered courses were changed. 

If the courses you registered for were changed from on-ground to one of the options listed above and you are concerned, call the Registration and Answer Center at 734-462-4426 to talk about options.