Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve equipment?

Complete the AV request form, e-mail (this is a group e-mail that allows several people to receive the request for scheduling purposes.) or contact Media Services at (734) 462-4400, ext. 5330.

What can I have duplicated?

We duplicate a wide variety of multimedia such as cassette tapes, VHS, CDs, DVDs and more provided that copyrights are not infringed, usually with a 2-day turnaround time. Contact media for more information.

What should I do if the equipment I use malfunctions?

All classrooms have instructions on how to operate equipment. If you need assistance or equipment is defective call Media at ext. 5330 and a technician will be sent immediately. There are emergency phones located in hallways you can use to call media. If time doesn’t permit, please call or e-mail after class so the problem can be fixed for the next class period.

Document Camera vs. Overhead Projector

Sometimes referred to as Doc U Cam, allows you to display 3-D objects, text books, transparencies and regular sheets of paper vs. the Overhead Projector which only displays transparencies. Overheads are located in all classrooms. Doc U Cams must be requested.

What should I do if the bulb on the overhead (transparency) I’m using burns out?

If the secondary bulb (usually a switch on top) doesn’t work, call Media Services at ext. 5330. A technician will be sent out immediately to make repairs.

What are the other services that Media provides?

As consultants we can provide you with many multimedia solutions (i.e. new classroom technologies, lecture presentation assistance, events, satellite downlink, interactive classroom, etc.)

What if I need equipment when Media Services is closed?

Reserve the equipment ahead of time. The equipment will be delivered by 4pm on Friday to the location requested. (In some cases it may require the requester to pickup and return equipment.)

How do I turn on the Data Projector?

To turn on the Data Projector, locate the remote usually located inside the instructor station attached with a tether or by pressing the power button on the projector itself.

How do I display the computer image?

Turn on the data projector using the remote and press Comp1, Comp2 or the source button until the computer image is displayed.

The Data Projector remote isn’t working. What do I do?

First check the side of the remote R/C on-off switch. If this is “on” then it could be the batteries. If so, contact Media at 5330 and a technician will replace them.

Do you need to have the computer powered on to use the DVD/VCR?

No, the DVD/VCR operates separately from the computer. Turn on the data projector and press the S-video or video button on the data projector remote to display image.

How do I get a message displayed on the Campus Network?

Send your request to Marketing for approval. Once approved, they will send the information to Media to input.

What is an Interactive Classroom?

It is a live two-way audio and video interaction between two or more locations.

What is Satellite Teleconferencing?

It is a one-way audio and video interaction between two or more locations where the audience can see and hear the Presentation. If permitted, the audience can ask questions via phone, fax or e-mail. Web conferencing is similar.