The Survey feature is useful for polling, and for conducting evaluations and random checks of knowledge. Surveys are a particularly useful means of gathering information from students, enabling faculty to get valuable feedback regarding the progress of a specific course activity or of the course in general. Surveys function in the same way as do Tests and offer most of the same options. The important distinctions between the two are that survey questions are not assigned any point values, cannot be graded, and all feedback is anonymous and aggregated (not individual).


Creating a Survey

First, access the Surveys page by clicking the Tests, Surveys, and Pools link from the Course Tools section of the Control Panel, then selecting  Surveys on the following page. Surveys can be created in the following two ways:

  • Creating a new survey: A brand new survey can be created via the Build Survey link. 
  • Importing a survey: An existing survey can be imported from elsewhere in the system (for example, another course) via the Import Survey link. However, it is important to note that that only Survey packages that were created by the Blackboard system can be imported. 

Note:  If students are in the midst of taking a survey or have already taken a survey, then questions cannot be changed (except for minor text editing).  If faculty attempt to change the number of questions, modify answers, add or remove feedback, or change attached files that are part of a survey, then existing and subsequent survey submissions might become invalidated.