Assignments in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

Assignments are added by clicking the plus icon inside the course and selecting Create. Learn more about adding Assignments in Ultra Course View »

Assignments allow faculty members to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. Assignments may be created from any Content Area within the Course Menu.   

Once an Assignment has been created, students may access the assignment, complete it in a separate file, and send it back to the faculty member from within Blackboard. The faculty member may respond to each student separately, supplying feedback about their individual assignment and attaching files, if necessary.

Assignments that are created within Blackboard will automatically generate a column in the Grade Center for that assignment.


To create an Assignment:  From the Course Menu select a Content Area, such as Assessments > from the Content Area, click the drop-down menu labeled Assessments > then select Assignment

Faculty have multiple options when creating an assignment:

  • Assignment Availability allowing faculty to create assignments in advance
  • Tracking Statistics that track the number of views and by whom the assignment was viewed
  • Date and Time Restrictions which allows faculty to stop an assignment from displaying after a specified date
  • Individual or Group Assignments
  • Assignment Files allows faculty to attach supplemental information
  • Points Possible determines the grade value for the assignment and corresponds to the Grade Center column created for the assignment